Faenza, Italy • In the studio with MEANWHILE

I had a blast co-producing two new tracks with the band MEANWHILE in Faenza, Italy. Great guys and very talented musicians. Thanks to LP Studio, and the fantastic engineers Luji Ventrucci and Mario Bianchi. Thanks to MEANWHILE for having me on board, and for making my first visit to Italy extremely awesome.


E’ un onore e un piacere comunicarvi che Duane M. Ramos, ingegnere del suono e produttore di Los Angeles (CA), sarà con noi questo weekend all’ LP Studio di Faenza(RA) per co-produrre insieme due nuovi brani. Duane è un caro amico e uomo di talento, che ha avuto la possibilità di lavorare con The Almost, Seether, One Republic, Goldfrapp, Matt Wallace (Maroon 5 , R.E.M. , Faith No More, Train, ecc.) e molti altri. Non vediamo l’ora!

It’s a honor and a pleasure for us to announce that Duane M. Ramos, sound engineer and producer from Los Angeles (CA), is joining us at LP recording studio (Faenza, Italy) this weekend to co-produce two new ear-delighting tracks with the band. Duane is a dear friend and a very talented man, who had the chance to work with One Republic, Goldfrapp, The Almost , Seether, Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, R.E.M., Faith No More, Train, etc.) and many more. Can’t wait!

Faenza, Italy • In the studio with MEANWHILE

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